Two Griffey bills make their way out of committee

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Two Griffey bills make their way out of committee

Two bills from Rep. Dan Griffey have taken the first step to becoming law after being unanimously passed out of their respective committees.

House Bill 1657, which would help reduce emissions and safety risks caused by inadequate commercial truck parking, passed out of the House Finance Committee last week.

“We need more safe and secure overnight truck parking options in Washington,” said Griffey. “By law, truckers must take mandatory rest periods, but they are finding that increasingly more difficult to do in our state because of the lack of available space. This is creating more pollution, additional safety risks, and making our roads more dangerous. We need to improve this situation, help our truck drivers, and keep our roads as safe as we can.”

In a 2016 Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) survey, over 60% of truckers reported spending an hour or more every day looking for parking. The shortage of truck parking stifles economic growth, increases pollution, and makes state roadways less safe because fatigued drivers cannot find a safe place to park. The bill would increase the state's truck parking supply through tax incentives.

Meanwhile, the House Transportation Committee unanimously passed House Bill 2077 on Monday. The bill would require the WSDOT, in consultation with human trafficking victim advocates, to develop content for informational posters to place in safety rest areas.

“It is very sad that anyone should ever be a victim of human trafficking,” said Griffey. “People are being held against their will and being forced to do reprehensible things. We need to do whatever we can to help remove human trafficking victims from these circumstances. These signs are just one step in the process. But if they help even one person escape this terrible fate, then it will be worth it.”

The bill would require the WSDOT to install the informational posters in every restroom at every safety rest area by Dec. 31, 2022. It would also require the agency to report on the status of the poster installations to the transportation committees of the Legislature by Jan. 15, 2023.

Both bills now wait for a vote on the House floor.

The 2022 legislative session began Jan. 10 and is expected to end March 10.


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