Two Rep. Griffey bills head to the Senate after passing the House floor

Two bills sponsored by Rep. Dan Griffey overwhelmingly passed out of the State House of Representatives today. House Bill 2889 passed 97-1, while House Bill 2783 passed 95-2. Previously, the Local Government Committee passed both bills unanimously.

“It’s nice to see good legislation move forward,” said Griffey, R-Allyn. “Both of these bills will have positive results for Washington, if they become law.”

House Bill 2889 would require municipal utilities that charge a tax for operating a water, sewer or wastewater, or stormwater utility, to disclose the tax rate on the billing statements it provides to customers.

“I think it’s really good government to be open, honest, and transparent,” noted Griffey.

This bill was inspired by one of Griffey’s constituents who contacted him after he was forced to file multiple public record requests to find out the tax rate he was paying to a utility company.

“That should never happen,” said Griffey.

House Bill 2783 would be a positive step forward for the mobile fueling industry in Washington. On-demand mobile fuel trucks provide a valuable service for anyone who doesn’t have time to stop at a gas station, or for someone who gets stranded with an empty tank. This service already exists but it’s new to Washington.

The purpose of the bill is to require the State Building Code Council (SBCC) to develop a permitting process for mobile on-demand gasoline providers.

“The bill would be good for Washington’s economy because mobile on-demand fueling would bring additional business opportunities to our state,” said Griffey. “However, it’s not just about improving this industry as a viable business opportunity. This bill is also about public safety.”

Griffey said that stakeholders also worked together to establish a fee, as part of the bill, that would pay for the program, so local jurisdictions would not be left with the cost.

The 2020 legislative session runs for 60 days and is scheduled to end March 12.


Washington State House Republican Communications