Griffey bill expanding access to lockable drug boxes becomes law

Marijuana stores will have the ability to provide lockable drug boxes to qualifying patients and customers thanks to a bill sponsored by Rep. Dan Griffey that was signed into law today.

House Bill 1250 authorizes marijuana retail outlets to provide lockable drug boxes they receive as donations at no charge to customers and patients. The bill also allows stores to provide literature pertaining to the lockable boxes.

Griffey says retailers should have the flexibility to provide free, safe storage solutions to their customers.

“There have been a handful of incidents where children have accidentally ingested marijuana-infused products, which has resulted in hospital and emergency room visits for some,” said Griffey, R-Allyn. “Like with firearms, we want to give parents and guardians access to storage options so they can keep their families safe.”

In 2015, the Washington Poison Center received 272 calls related to marijuana exposure and poisonings. Of those exposures, 46 percent involved persons 19 years and younger.

Philip Dawdy from the Seattle-area Have a Heart marijuana retailer says the bill is a good first step in ensuring marijuana products and paraphernalia don't end up in the hands of children.

“There is an ongoing problem with really young kids…whose parents leave an edible lying around and the kid eats it and they end up in [Seattle] Children's [Hospital] for a couple of days,” said Dawdy during a January public hearing on House Bill 1250 in Olympia.

The idea for the bill was brought to Griffey by Ben Johnson, who works for the Mason County Public Health Department and is the Shelton Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition Coordinator. Johnson testified in favor of the bill earlier this year.

The bill will take effect later this year.


Washington State House Republican Communications