Griffey bill to keep families safe from marijuana products receives House support

Today, the state House of Representatives approved a bill that would allow retail marijuana outlets to provide lockable drug boxes at no charge to customers and qualifying patients. Rep. Dan Griffey, House Bill 1250's sponsor, said the bill would help keep children and pets safe.

“When kids and pets are exposed to and unknowingly ingest marijuana products, the results can be disastrous,” said Griffey, R-Allyn. “By providing access to lockable boxes at no charge to customers and patients, we can ensure more families have access to safe storage and enhance safety in the home.”

In 2015, the Washington Poison Center received 272 calls related to marijuana exposure and poisonings. Of those exposures, 46 percent involved persons 19 years and younger.

Mason County Department of Health approached Griffey in the fall with the bill idea after they started receiving donated lockable boxes. They wanted to give the boxes to marijuana retailers so they could, in turn, provide the boxes at no charge to customers and patients. Current law prohibits marijuana retailers from giving product and paraphernalia away for free.

In addition to providing free lockable boxes, House Bill 1250 would allow them to provide literature pertaining to the lockable box to the customer or patient.

The bill now advances to the Senate for further consideration.

The 2017 legislative session is scheduled to adjourn April 23.



Washington State House Republican Communications