Rep. Dan Griffey clarifies legislation on elder visitation

Rep. Dan Griffey, R-Allyn, is featured in a special report airing on 1030 KMAS, FM103.3, and iFIBER ONE news radio.  He talks about his legislation geared toward preventing elder abuse in isolation.  The bill was spearheaded by the daughter of legendary radio personality Casey Kasem, who died in a Gig Harbor hospital in June of 2014.  Kasem had been moved from California to Washington against the wishes of his children.  The family struggled for months to find their father before the gossip website TMZ finally located him in Washington state.

Griffey’s bill, co-sponsored by Rep. Linda Kochmar, R-Federal Way, would among other things, require caregivers to notify family members of the status of their loved one.  In this report, Griffey clarifies a misunderstanding about the bill, stating that it would not force visitation, but allows for a second look at the possibility should family members want to spend time with their relative.


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