Rep. Dan Griffey talks about measure affecting elderly

Rep. Dan Griffey, R-Allyn, talks with iFIBER ONE radio about his bill that was initially spearheaded by the daughter of legendary radio personality Casey Kasem. Kerri Casem spent months trying to locate her elderly and frail father after he was moved to Washington from California without notification of his children. The family fought in the courts for the right to see Kasem. He died in a Gig Harbor hospital in June of 2014. Rep. Griffey and Rep. Linda Kochmar, R-Federal Way, are pressing for approval of legislation that would ensure families are notified of the illness and/or death of a loved one. Griffey says the measure would also pave the way for visits from family members. But he addressed concerns from some members of the public who fear the bill would force visitation against the will of the elderly.


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