Rep. Dan Griffey sworn into office

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CONTACT: Hanna Scott, Public Information Officer | 360-968-3938

Rep. Dan Griffey sworn into office

Rep. Dan Griffey, R-Allyn, was sworn into office as state representative for the 35th Legislative District today in the House Chambers in Olympia.

Griffey was selected as the assistant ranking member on the House Local Government Committee, and will also serve as a member of both the House Education and Public Safety committees. In addition to his other duties, he has been appointed to a leadership position as assistant whip.

Rep. Dan Griffey before being sworn into officeAs a firefighter for over 27 years, Griffey has a passion for serving his community and looks forward to representing his constituents in the Legislature.

“I am excited to begin this journey, and I am very appreciative for the opportunity to serve the folks in the 35th District. I want them to know that I am here for them, they are my boss and I will work for them every single day,” said Griffey.

Among the many issues that Griffey is passionate about, protecting the private property rights of those in the 35th District is at the top.

I want this office to always be an advocate for the personal property owner’s right to own, develop and occupy his or her property. I truly believe that the bigger the government, the smaller the individual. Runaway government does not serve the people, which is why I will be a consistent voice in the Legislature advocating for limited, but effective government.”

Griffey also believes the Legislature should work together to fund education first during the legislative session.

“Funding education first is the paramount duty of Washington state. I believe our children deserve to have the best teachers and the best environment in which they can thrive. We expect greatness from them, so we must give them the tools they need to achieve greatness,” said Griffey. “I look forward to working with members of both parties on this issue. As Henry Ford said, ‘Don’t find fault, find a remedy.’”

In Olympia, Griffey can be reached at (360) 786-7966, and his e-mail address is Letters can be sent to his office at: P.O. Box 40600, Olympia, WA 98504-0600. Constituents who would like to meet with Griffey at his office should call to arrange a mutually-agreeable time in advance of their visit. His legislative assistant is Amber Oliver.



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