35th District lawmakers host town hall to provide update on Highway 3 Freight Corridor (Belfair Bypass) project

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CONTACT: Hanna Scott, Public Information Officer for Reps. Dan Griffey and Travis Couture | 360-968-3938

35th District lawmakers host town hall to provide update on Highway 3 Freight Corridor (Belfair Bypass) project

After helping defeat further delays to the Highway 3 Freight Corridor (Belfair Bypass) and securing full-funding for the project in the most recent transportation budget, Sen. Drew MacEwen, R-Shelton, Rep. Dan Griffey, R-Allyn, and Rep. Travis Couture, R-Allyn, invited the community to a town hall to provide important updates to the long-anticipated project.

The town hall was held the evening of Thursday, Nov. 9, at the Hub in Belfair where it was standing room only. Hundreds of Mason County residents filled the room anxious to hear directly from Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) project leaders on recent changes to the project and get the updated timeline and maps.    

“I want to thank the community for taking the time to join us for this event,” said MacEwen. “We know many residents have been waiting decades to see this project completed so it was important to provide this in-person opportunity to paint a clear picture of what they can expect.”

The new Highway 3 Freight Corridor project will skirt Belfair, creating an alternative route for through traffic that will decrease the volume of regional and freight traffic through Belfair, provide a reliable route between Kitsap and Mason counties and improve traffic safety.

WSDOT Region Administrator Steve Roark gave a detailed presentation at the town hall that included an updated timeline and maps. The environmental review process is moving along, and if all goes as expected, community meetings should begin in January with land buys able to start in February, according to the WSDOT presentation.

“The community has waited far too long for this important project to ease traffic in Belfair. But after securing final funding and helping defeat a proposal that would have caused additional delays, it seems we finally see a light at the end of the tunnel, ” said Couture. “I am glad we had this opportunity to team up with Steve Roark and other transportation officials to update residents on what they can expect and when.”

“I want to thank the transportation department for helping us provide this important update to the community and all of the residents who joined us for this event,” said Griffey. “Congestion through Belfair is a struggle for locals and businesses and construction will impact all of us. But when all is said and done we will see a safer, less congested Belfair that will improve this community.”


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