Rep. Dan Griffey: We need to talk about Fentanyl

Rep. Dan Griffey, R-Allyn, shares a legislative video update about the need for all of us to talk about fentanyl not just in the Legislature but at the dinner table. Griffey points to the bipartisan bill he cosponsored targeting pill presses used to make fake pills – just like those seized in Shelton in a huge drug bust announced by the DOJ this week where investigators found 650,000 fake pills in just that one location. Griffey stressed that just one of those fake pills is enough to kill and implored everyone in the state to talk with their children about the threat of fentanyl.

UPDATE: One day after the filming of this video, the Senate passed House Bill 1209 – the Tyler Lee Yates bill – unanimously. The bill had previously passed out of the House unanimously. It now heads to the Governor’s desk.


Washington State House Republican Communications