Rep. Dan Griffey talks with KMAS as cutoff date nears

Another deadline is close at hand for lawmakers in Olympia.  Rep. Dan Griffey, R-Allyn, spent some time with KMAS and iFIBER ONE radio discussing recent legislative activities which impact residents of Washington state.  Griffey said as many as 200 bills have been considered in the past few weeks of the short session.  He talked about the failure of his bill that would have removed the statutes of limitation on certain sex crimes to move onto the House floor for a vote.  Said the veteran firefighter, “I am not going to stop,” as he vowed to continue his efforts to see the law changed.

Griffey also talked about a visit to the Capitol by children who have lost loved ones in the Afghanistan and Iraq war.  A child had presented him with a small American flag in honor of her father, which moved him to tears.


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