First bill prime sponsored by Rep. Dan Griffey passes House unanimously

Rep. Dan Griffey casts a vote on the House floorLegislation that would change the process of how firefighters are trained in the state passed out of the Washington State House of Representatives yesterday with a 97-0 vote. House Bill 1382 is prime sponsored by Rep. Dan Griffey, R-Allyn.

Under the measure, the Director of Fire Protection would develop and adopt a plan for the Washington State Patrol’s Fire Training Academy to deliver basic firefighter training and testing for all public firefighting agencies in the state. It would also grant agencies the option of seeking reimbursement for their training expenses in lieu of obtaining training from the Washington State Patrol’s Fire Training Academy.

“This bill would revamp the outdated process of how firefighters are trained in our Rep. Dan Griffey receives congratulations after his first bill, HB 1382, is unanimously passed out of the Housestate,” said Griffey, who is a Lieutenant Firefighter and began his career as a volunteer firefighter at age 16. “When I first started as a firefighter, the basic training requirement was only 16 hours. Now the requirement is up to 200 hours. For the safety of our firefighters and the public they protect, this reform is overdue.”

House Bill 1382 would also establish an order of priority for the agencies receiving the training, testing or reimbursements, with volunteer fire departments the first priority.

“This allows our state Fire Marshall to give ala carte-style training opportunities and ensures we provide good basic firefighter training for all of our firefighters,” said Griffey.

The measure, which now heads to the Washington State Senate for consideration, would have no fiscal impact on the state.



Washington State House Republican Communications